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File: 1675701612770.jpg (28.88 KB, 680x543, FhnY4wvVQAA8BEE.jpg)


Why is no one sending condolences because of the earthquake?

File: 1674784910503.png (87.71 KB, 256x256, 27bf5fbc98c349abfef4257881….png)


Hello what do you think of the industrial output of the Ottoman empire during World War 1.


File: 1674785131470.png (363.8 KB, 662x614, ClipboardImage.png)

i dont think anythink


The Ottoman Empire was one of the major warring powers in World War I and its economy, like many of the other major countries involved, was heavily impacted during the conflict. Industrial output was one aspect of this economy that saw a great deal of destruction and disruption.

Before World War I, the Ottoman Empire was primarily an agricultural society with some limited industrial production. However, by the start of World War I, the industrial output of the Ottoman Empire had increased, although it remained substantially less than other major warring powers like Britain, Germany and Russia.

The industrial output of the Ottoman Empire during the war was largely impacted by the destruction and disruption caused by war efforts. The intense fighting in the Ottoman Empire between the Central Powers, including their own empire, and the allies caused destruction and destruction of many factories. Other factories were put under pressure from continual demand from those involved in the war effort, making it difficult for them to supply their usual output.

Additionally, the Ottoman Empire suffered because of the weaknesses in its economy and its difficulty in competing with the more advanced economies of its enemies. Despite the fact that the Ottoman Empire was a member of the Central Powers, it still lagged behind its allies in terms of industrial output.

Overall, the industrial output of the Ottoman Empire during World War I was adversely affected. The country’s economy was unable to compete with the advanced economies of its enemies in terms of industrial output during the war, and was further hampered due to the destruction and disruption caused by the war. Although the Ottoman Empire eventually emerged from the war intact, its industrial output had taken a significant hit.


the what?
why do you know about those things?
i mean who cares?

chatgpt is cheating, 0

File: 1674513163095.jpg (119.27 KB, 640x1136, 1668984856750.jpg)


i miss her so much


File: 1674576332916-0.jpg (1.03 MB, 1242x1215, ciara.jpg)

File: 1674576332916-1.jpg (357.49 KB, 960x1280, 1566215302798.jpg)


Such a breathtaking purest beauty and innocence. Uncorrupted by this cruel world. My beuatiful angel Ciara.


omg ui

File: 1674795908515.jpg (257.8 KB, 1273x2005, __frankie_foster_foster_s_….jpg)


Enjoying you're dead board


File: 1674796026280.png (233.74 KB, 396x350, ClipboardImage.png)

who your calling a dead board

File: 1674582210034.jpeg (15.24 KB, 280x280, images (12).jpeg)


Hello 🤗

File: 1663688104426.jpg (449.09 KB, 1202x1600, 1656607063276.jpg)


testosterone ruined slavic men, all slavic men should forcefully take testosterone blockers and HRT for their all life


domuz :D


Bu adam aynı ben ya

File: 1674491125973.jpg (105.07 KB, 1300x866, 97109483-anime-face-with-r….jpg)


you don't belong to NATO.
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File: 1674492311611.jpg (148.36 KB, 1080x1080, finnames.jpg)

first save your folloş


File: 1674503658530.png (854.26 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

turan bros...


File: 1674513250698.jpg (68.12 KB, 485x600, de0pt5v-5183af02-d913-41bd….jpg)

Kick us out of nato faggotry already


File: 1674513631490.jpg (100.76 KB, 1280x888, 1652941677498.jpg)

other way around

File: 1674508620916.png (981.78 KB, 779x500, 1200px-Hylobates_lar_pair_….png)


end racism

File: 1674501573088.jpg (1.08 MB, 2880x3840, 9e1228576c2733ad.jpg)


how to say 'cat' in turkish
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File: 1674502749888.jpg (56.65 KB, 736x736, 4ee6f3b3d9a5a8fd.jpg)





share kinography


gedi :--DDDDD

jk,it's "kedi" :3





File: 1674489151254.jpg (39.62 KB, 300x100, Yeni Proje (4).jpg)

al paşam ekle


hay kaninizi sikeyim





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