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❤️‍☀️‍💚 tirad ji bo kurd û kurdistan 🇭🇺❤️‍☀️‍💚

🌹🌹 Bo ewey xelk le dewrî ew rêkxirawe kobibêtewe kesanî roşnbîrî helbijard le wane 🌹🌹
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File: 1700964122255.png (259.8 KB, 492x492, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


ik ben kurd kurd kurd



File: 1683474368715.png (884.3 KB, 1280x1063, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Are there any handsome femboys here who would like to find a daddy in the U.S.?

People with leftist or anarchist views would be better.

I don't need it, I'm asking for my friend.
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Yanke go home


amerimutt sho sho




File: 1683893893464.png (466.91 KB, 512x437, ÜÖA attire.png) ImgOps Google iqdb



File: 1702393613560.mp4 (1.1 MB, 352x272, kurt_nine_ket.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb


File: 1702327551542.jpeg (6.78 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb


buralara kolay gelmedik geyler...

File: 1690202023171.jpeg (158.74 KB, 850x1184, dfe57967-6ae4-4d77-9204-c….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb


How do i get a turkish gf?
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unzip your pants in front of a turkish girl


File: 1690204926388.jpeg (21.69 KB, 450x682, jj.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Do you have a big cock?


Just like how you get a slavic one. Be rich.


just tell her you are not turk



File: 1684305821785.jpg (554.06 KB, 929x1248, aegean.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Why do the Greeks need all these islands? What do they even do with them?


lol don't care


land on sea = right on sea
no land on sea = no right on sea


annene sor



File: 1694452612871.png (244.5 KB, 743x887, grnYoEv.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


how's life in Turkey?


awfull + I'm fed up+I'm tired+I'm overwhelmed+I'm bored+I'm stuck+I'm bored+I'm stuck+I'm exhausted+I'm sad+I'm shrunken+I'm dusty+I'm upset+I've got a cold+I've made me scratch my head


pretty good, i am a neet



File: 1689705393579.gif (1.26 MB, 360x270, wizard.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


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I am proud tRk what about it


OÇ tRk


>>385 ananı skerm


aNeye laF yok kOÇ


File: 1695221583627.png (12.42 KB, 360x244, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1692391377193.gif (615.31 KB, 220x235, grvtv.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


haiiii my fellow turkish brothers



File: 1690666357761.webm (1.5 MB, 480x592, 7ffc5f5fb1fbf4410f2015998….webm) ImgOps Google iqdb


cat threda
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File: 1625391233968.png (358.79 KB, 564x814, 1594049034959.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


I can't stop farting


File: 1625392050328.jpg (412.59 KB, 850x850, coco.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

because you dropped this, king.


test from wan


Tést from le fart


omg cute!!!! <333


Farting is a sign of manliness obviously.

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